3 Steps to Make Customers Return to Your Café

As you might know, that it’s very difficult to make your customers buy from your business repeatedly and consistently. An even customer base helps your business grow and making customers happy gives you a nice reputation.

According to customer service research data, increasing customer retention rate by only 5 percent increases profits by 25 percent to 95 percent. This is important to keep in mind when setting up a business and developing a strategy.

In order to help you to get your customers return, we’ve gathered a short list of useful tips that you should bare in mind.

1. Build a strong relationship

Sounds easy, right? Not really!

Customers want to be treated nice, they want to feel special and appreciated. A personal attention goes a long way to building a relationship with the customer. The way your customers will be treated starts within the recruitment process. Make sure your staff is satisfied, open and motivated towards a positive attitude at all times, and that they know the products and services well so they can explain them to customers.

Show that you’re interested in improving your business – ask for feedback and it will make them feel valued. And it also gives great insight into what you’re doing right or wrong.

2. Offer them something to come back for

One of the most important things of encouraging return sales is making sure that your product and/or service is flawless in the first place. Test everything beforehand and get early feedback on everything – your product, interior, staff, website and, of course, your public Wi-Fi network.

It all needs to be perfect to the slightest detail. If you’re able to make your customers feel comfortable and welcome in the environment you create, it’s a big indicator that they will come back again.

Here’s a blog post we found, in case you are interested in creating a nice design for your café.


3. Get your customers to become VIPs

First time customers might be worth treated with a small discount which will create goodwill and encourage them to return. Respect your loyal customers as well – if they come to your business regularly, you should reward them. Balance the number of return visits needed to gain a discount with how likely it is a customer will bother to make that number of returns. The optimal number is from five to six visits.

If you succeed in creating a network of loyal customers, they will not only come back, but bring some friends as well, but one of the hardest things is to get your customers to sign up in the first place. Signing forms can be time-consuming, but there are alternatives.

  1. Announce and promote your loyalty program on your social media;
  2. Post info about your rewards program on your website;
  3. Send an announcement via email or text message to your current customer database;
  4. Advertise reward program incentives with displays;

You might have already tried to put up posters about your loyalty program. But did it work? There is a way of vastly increasing your loyalty program or coupon redemption rate. Now you can display your announcements or advertisements directly to your Wi-Fi browsers and direct them to your website with WIFIGarden. It’s easy, cheap and effective!


If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll develop a strong reputation and the kind of service people tell their friends about – which means a nice bit of word-of-mouth marketing for you.

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