WIFIGarden: The New Way to Promote Your Business

Are you a business owner or a manager? If you are, then you’re probably familiar with the ongoing challenge of promoting your business. Attracting new customers and retaining existing ones is what you have to do every day. A good marketing strategy is the key in order to achieve it. There have been proven marketing solutions for businesses for years and it seems hard to catch up with any new and effective tools.

Wi-Fi Advertising Platform – WIFIGarden

We offer you an easy-to-use and easy to set up tool that can help to promote your business without spending a fortune – WIFIGarden! Our team has created a tool that allows you to demonstrate advertisements or other content directly to your Wi-Fi network users. You can easily manage the ads and other content via our user-friendly web interface.


It’s very easy to set-up Wi-Fi Advertising

You don’t have to be an IT expert to set-up WIFIGarden. If you follow our instructions in the Tutorial section, it can be done in just 5 minutes! Simply change your router’s DNS server address, connect with your access point and that’s all you have to do to start advertising.

WIFIGarden is made for any free public Wi-Fi hotspot owner. No matter if you manage a small café, a chain of hundreds of cafés, a shopping mall or an airport! With our tool you can manage your own ad campaigns to promote a new product, an offer, your Facebook, TripAdvisor, Foursquare or Yelp account! Increase Page likes and get positive reviews!


Managing your ads is easy – just fill out the campaign template form, upload pictures and other necessary data. We are working on keeping this tool up to date, offering Facebook page splash templates and other extras.

Your Wi-Fi user statistics

To view your progress, open up the Statistics menu. See your banner impressions, user sessions, banner clicks and the summary of the campaign. Get to know what devices and platforms your customers are using.


Try it for free – no strings attached

Start your 30 Day Free Trial now on any network with any Wi-Fi hardware.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask our team that will answer your inquiries to ensure a smooth experience. Just click on the chat icon in the right corner or write an email to [email protected]

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