WiFiGarden is a cloud-based application that allows WIFI network’s owner to demonstrate advertisements or other content directly to WIFI network users. Content (advertising) is managed by the network’s owner him/herself thanks to user-friendly web interface

WiFiGarden is made for any free public WIFI hotspot owner. No matter if it’s a small café, chain of hundreds of cafés, shopping mall or airport. If you want to demonstrate ads in your network WiFiGarden is the best tool for you.

Yes. WIFIGarden provides a statistics module that tracks and reports status and history of all campaigns. Users can review campaigns by different values: banner impressions, device types, click-rate and more.

You will be charged according to your subscription plan and used CPM. The first payment is done after choosing a subscription Plan followed by automatic payment after every 30 days.

WIFIGarden works on practically any hardware in the market without specific adjustments in the firmware. Our suggestion, would be to use most up-to-date hardware to provide the best possible browsing experience for your customers. Which in turn will generate more traffic and more satisfied clients.

Yes.WIFIGarden recognizes type of device which is connected to your WiFi. For instance, you can demonstrate different ads for smartphones than you do for tablets and PCs

“Captive portal” are hard to manage and work differently on each customer device.

Yes. In fact it’s very quick to set-up. Just copy your Facebook business page address in the campaign and WIFIGarden will create a custom designed splash page based on your Facebook page style.

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Please read more here DNS Set-up guide