WiFi DNS Set-up Guide

You have to type our DNS server addresses in your WiFi router’s settings.

These WiFi DNS servers are available only for WIFIGarden registered users.


(Before adding DNS settings, make sure that your router is added in your WIFIGarden account)


1. Visit your router’s administration panel by typing router’s IP

Linkys usually:

D-Link usually:

TP-Link usually:

Apple routers: visit AirPort utility and select your router

Other routers IP’s usually are:;

2. Find your router’s DNS settings

3. Find the best WiFi DNS servers by visiting dns.wifi.garden

4. Type the values (which you see in the previous step) in Primary and Secondary DNS field of your router

5. Save your new settings

6. Test if everything works. Visit test.wifi.garden and you should see your banner

Watch a 32 sec. video on how to change the DNS settings

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  • Thanks, that helped!

  • Dinesh Kannan

    Not able to add as secondary DNS address. My netgear router dashbaord asks ‘enter valid address for secondary DNS address’.